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    Hotel Eden at Viareggio

    3 star hotel in Viareggio

    beachfront hotel in Versilia

    Area and surroundings

    Marble Quarries

    The marble quarries of the Apuan Alps has existed since Roman times. This world-famous marble has been used for the most important works of art since ancient times. Today it is extracted with special equipment, yet time ago it would be "mined" using an ancient Medieval technique.


    The roads of the Chianti area stretch between Florence and Siena, through highly prestigious vineyards and historic villages, an area where nowadays you find farmhouses used for agriculture.


    With its ups and downs, the landscape is full of the colours which are so typical of this land. Famous for its Palio, taking place in Piazza del Campo, it attracts many tourists, a theatre of ancient splendour. It is always very exciting.

    San Gimignano

    Immersed in the Val d'Elsa, it rises up with its towers. On the route of the Via Francigena, it had its greatest development during the Middle Ages. With its Etruscan origins, it is named after the Bishop of Modena, who saved it from the Barbarians.


    An historic town with is famous Leaning Tower, at the mouth of the River Arno near the sea, the Nature Park of San Rossore with piney and brakish treasures. An ancient Roman port and Maritime Republic, Pisa continues to shine for its beauty and art.


    An artistic point of reference for the Versilia, Piazza del Duomo is the main part with Chiesa di Sant Agostino, the Torre delle Ore and Palazzo Prebono. Its sculptures and works of art are scattered across the town. Down the narrow streets there are numerous shops and eateries.


    An historic and charming city, which is quaint, familiar and well-looked after. Rich in churches and monuments, it has been meticulously decorated by its inhabitants, who are helpful and courteous. A hospitable city, open to thousands of events and enclosed by the city walls, making it truly remarkable.

    Cave of Winds

    Formed by millennia of stratification (170 million years ago) of shells, mud, fish remains, sand, debris, etc... This enormous weight gradually transformed into limestone. Today an evocative setting of stalagmites and stalactites is in continual movement.


    This is the highest area of Tuscany. The ideal location for those seeking to be in direct contact with nature. Where you can experience old traditions rich in history. Where the vegetation is so varied that it creates unique environments, each of them different in their own way.


    Beautiful, historic, charming and unique in the world. Teeming with monuments and art museums. As modern as it is ancient. Shaped by time, with incredible structures such as the Ponte Vecchio, and by nature, with views such as those from Piazzale Michelangelo.

    Cinque Terre

    The Cinque Terre are an enchanting stretch of the rocky coastline of Lower Liguria in the Province of La Spezia, where there are 5 beautiful villages which have remained as they always were: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. They overlook the sea and the many trails along the coast between each village where stunning panoramas can be admired.

    Apuan Alps

    The Apuan Alps, thanks to the Karst Plateau, rise up with deep gorges in the middle of the Apennines. The beauty of its marble make them exceptionally unique. The diversity of the rock and plant life promotes an animal life which is unique to the area.