This hotel is disinfected and sanitized with OXYGEN-OZONE Bioroyal. Environmental sanitization eliminates in an Ecological and Natural way bacteria, viruses, mites, molds, fungi and spores and any type of parasite.

    Hotel Eden at Viareggio

    3 star hotel in Viareggio

    beachfront hotel in Versilia

    Hotel Eden 3 star hotel in Viareggio

    Hotel Eden in Viareggio is the ideal place for those looking for an enjoyable stay in Versilia be it for business or pleasure. It is located on the stunning seafront of Viareggio, a stone's throw from its beautiful beach and close to the historic Caffè Margherita, which was composer Giacomo Puccini's favourite café. The hotel offers its guests a quality B&B service with a large buffet, including products for celiacs, as well as 38 comfortable rooms of various types, suitable also for those with disabilities.

    The entire hotel is equipped with modern home automation technology.

    The hotel provides a sun terrace, lift, air-conditioning in all rooms, American bar, satellite TV room, Wi-Fi and safes.

    Small and medium-sized pets are welcome. The reception is open 24 hours a day. You can park and pay easily through the hotel, and there are also nearby private garages that can be used at a charge.

    Carnival 2021

    Even if carnival ticket are sold out and there are many restriction, our guests can assist to the parade from our solarium terrace

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