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    "Conference Call" service

    The simplest, fastest and most convenient way that allows people from all over the world to get together in a telephone conference in total independence.

    It can be activated at any moment from any landline or mobile phone, by simply communicating to the participants the number to call and the Access Code for the Virtual Meeting Room.

    How it works

    • the moderator invites the participants, indicating the date and time of the Conference Call, as well as the telephone number to call and the Meeting Room Code to dial.
    • a few minutes before starting, the Moderator calls the telephone number of the service based on the chosen language and, following the voice instructions, dials the Meeting Room Code, the Safety Code and the 1 key to activate the Conference Call
    • at the time indicated on the invitation, the participants call the telephone number of the service based on the chosen language and, following the voice instructions, dial the Meeting Room Code
    • the conference is ready to start!


    • it eliminates transfer costs
    • the calls coming from Vianova branches are free


    • it reduces the probability of delays due to traffic
    • it favours the frequency of interaction among people
    • it speeds up decision-making processes
    • it records the Conference Calls in order to hear them later and to forward them by electronic mail to those interested


    • it is activated in a few seconds from any landline or mobile phone
    • a voice, recorded in the chosen language, guides the participants to the access stages
    • you can use the service 24 hours a day without the need to book
    • you can ask an operator for free help during the Conference Call
    • all operations are carried out simply on the telephone keypad


    • the privacy of the Conference Calls is guaranteed by a numerical Password that can be changed by the moderator from time to time
    • the moderator can close the Virtual meeting Room once all expected participants have entered, guaranteeing a maximum level of Privacy

    How much can you save with a Conference Call?

    A two-hour meeting in Rome among five people that come from five different Italian cities, by plane from Milan, by train from Florence and Naples, and by car from Rome and Viterbo, costs 1268 euro.